Top 5 Plumbing Problems

As one of Calgary’s top residential plumbing teams, we service many common plumbing issues every day! Some plumbing problems are more common than others, and while some seem small, they are more serious than others. Here’s the Top 5 plumbing issues we see on a day to day basis.

1) Clogged or plugged drains

Most bathroom drain clogs result when dirt, toothpaste, detail floss, finger nails, skin, hair sticks to soap build up on the walls of the drain pipe. Over time, this film grows and grows to the point the drain narrows and eventually reduces water flow or completely blocks the drain.

If you’ve tried to remove and clean the drain stopper then try using a drain plunger, but sure to block the overflow drain in the tub or sink. If these initial things don’t work, or if you feel uncomfortable dealing with the issue yourself, it’s time to call us! We’ll book a time to come by and unclog your drains.

Clogged toilets are a more serious issue and are definitely not for the faint hearted. It happens when items that shouldn’t go down the toilet get flushed. These can include things like menstrual products, cotton swabs, dental floss, and diaper wipes. You will want to get this one solved quickly, call our plumbers to help!

2) Hot water tank leaking

If your water heater is leaking, we recommended you turn off the water to the tank. There should be a dedicated shut off valve on the cold inlet pipes. Call us if you need help to talk through this. 

If you can’t find the or it is broken, you can the water off to your home. Once the water is off, or if you need help with figuring this out, call us at 403-281-2008 and one of our plumbers will be scheduled to come help you out!

3) Leak on water line

If you find water in your basement or elsewhere in your home it may mean you have a leak on one of the water lines. There are many causes for this, the most common is a home that has poly-b piping. This definitely requires a professional to fix. Contact Us and one of our technicians will be scheduled to come by to assess and fix the issue.

4) Taps dripping

This can be very annoying, and a big waste of money so be sure to deal with dripping taps as soon as possible. Like water line leaks there are many reasons your taps may be dripping, the first line of action is to call us and one of our plumbers will pay a visit to assess and fix the issue for you!

5) Toilet leaking

A leaking toilet can cause a lot of damage. If your toilet is leaking, shut off the water supply to the toilet and call us. It’s best to get this plumbing issue dealt with quickly and professionally to avoid excessive water damage or more serious problems.

Whatever your plumbing problem our professional team of local plumbers can help troubleshoot and service any plumbing issue you are experiencing!